Dr. Kim successfully treated my sleep apnea with a dental appliance.  I sought him out upon a reliable recommendation because the CPAP machine involving a facial mask worn while sleeping had failed.  I am extremely pleased not only with the outcome but also with Dr. Kim’s sure-handed and thoughtful treatment of my condition.  After a thorough examination, he chose the exact appliance from a list of many that immediately took away my sleep apnea.  During my initial and follow-up visits, I never felt rushed.  Dr. Kim took the time to explain every detail of the treatment, and showed an intellectual flexibility as well as warmth that inspired confidence.  I am very happy to have had Dr. Kim as the one who solved what had previously appeared to be an intractable sleep issue.

Peter von zur Muehlen

After several months of intense stress, I had breakfast one morning only to discover that I could not get my mouth open wide enough to insert my first spoon of oatmeal!  At the time, I had no idea what TMJ is and no clue as to what to do.  As luck would have it, someone referred me to Dr. Kim!  At my first visit, Dr. Kim carefully examined me and explained my condition and options.  Dr. Kim prescribed a course of treatment that not only helped me to open my mouth again, but made me realize that I did indeed grit my teeth at night!  Over the next few weeks, I followed Dr. Kim’s advice.  The procedures and exercises he suggested were progressive and easy to do.  He was patient and very professional.  He met me on schedule and spent as much time with me as I needed.  Thanks, Dr. Kim!

Melanie Anderson

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim’s for the last several years.  I was not able to utilize the traditional “CPAP,” so I had to try an alternative.  I had heard about Dr. Kim, so I was very comfortable in seeing him for treatment.  I was fitted for a mouth device that really reminded me of my orthodontic retainer.  It keeps my teeth in place but moves my jaw forward at night so that I sleep much better, and certainly more safely!  Dr. Kim is a great guy – very easy to discuss things with.  I wish he were still in the DC metro area.

Sincerely……a very satisfied patient!!
Mike from Arlington, Virginia

I faced a serious challenge to my health when my jaw “locked” after multiple dental procedures.  I could barely open my mouth half an inch; anything more was excruciatingly painful.  I dreaded meal times and envied those who could eat normally whatever they fancied.

At this critical time, when I resigned myself to highly risky jaw surgery and/or pain and agony with no end in sight, Dr. John Kim became my savior and comforter.  His cool approach to my problem, the reassuring words he said, and the gentle but thorough examination he conducted sparked a hope in me that increased exponentially – within weeks.  He ruled out surgery, prescribed a multi-pronged therapy, painstakingly demonstrated how it should be implemented at home, recommended and himself fitted me with a dental guard with an extraordinarily high degree of precision as the bed rock of the recovery process.  Four weeks into the treatment, I could stretch my jaw at least 1.5 inches.  Another four weeks, and I could say: DONE.  No longer did I need to engage in wishful thinking when it came to meal times, and no longer did I have to endure the embarrassment of asking my hosts to make special easy-to-eat dishes!!

I truly believe that this recovery was a small miracle performed by Dr. Kim.  He is solid, knew his job, and most of all, he understood me.  I must label him: ONE OF A KIND.

Eustace Fernando